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Willow Switch Hits Shelves!

My new book, Willow Switch,  is now available for purchase on and Kindle!

In the late 1870s, Elijah Everitt and his son Charles leave Ohio for a harrowing adventure. Abandoning their Lake Erie fishing fleet and part of their family, they head west to start a new life. From Erie to the Mississippi River, Elijah and Charles join the endless stream of wagons and travel along the roads, but once they cross the Mississippi they are alone for the remainder of their trip to Colorado. Battling illness, injury, snow, and wind storms, they persist in their quest to build a new life.

Can an oil rig really disappear? In the perpetual twighlight of Alaska's frontier, that is exactly what happens to Gypsum #13. Oil rigs aren't the only wraiths going bump in the frozen night either. Join Tiffanie Westerland and Frank Lee as they combat sub-zero temperatures and unscrupulous oilmen to unravel the numerous mysterious fatal accidents that have cursed Gypsum #13. A thrilling race against time, relentless cold, and an imminent prosecution of an innocent man. Cuddle up by the fire for this one, and hang on.

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Sandy Whelchel is the author of three novels, HIDE AND SEEK, FOX AND GEESE, and its prequel, CHECK AND MATE, as well as THE NATIONAL WRITERS ASSOCIATION GUIDE TO WRITING FOR BEGINNERS, seven nonfiction books (two on writing), five children's coloring books, and hundreds of published articles and short stories.